Teach people how to do different things with balloons


Balloons are good memories of childhood, the round balloon is not good to do more changes, but the long balloon can change a lot of patterns. Today xiaobian will teach you how to make a variety of balloon tricks!


Long balloon pump



Step 1: Pump up the balloon and then tie the knot. Leave about four centimeters at the tail.


The second step: twist a small balloon in the head of the balloon, then hold the first small balloon, twist a larger than this small balloon.

Step 3: then twist a balloon larger than the last small balloon, and then twist a balloon larger than this. If you are afraid of the front of the three small balloons, you can use a small rubber band.


Step 4: Make four small balloons, and then twist out the fifth. The fifth has to be the same size as the third and the sixth has to be the same size as the second.


Step 5: Twist the second balloon to the tail of the balloon, remember to leave the first balloon.

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Step 6: Flip the first balloon to the back of the circle.


The seventh step: press the small balloon above the circle with the hand toward the following, and then twist the small balloon around several times to make it bear's ears.


Step 8: Now turn the little balloon over to make a bear's nose.


The ninth step: bear below the balloon to leave about 3 cm or so, and then about twist a bow shape.


Step 10: Bear lollipop in hand.
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