A way to pump up wedding balloons


1. Prepare two basic things first. One is a balloon and the other is an inflatable device.
2. Cover the ball leather to the inflating mouth, pull the inflating rod, and inflate the balloon. By jerking back the handle of the inflator rod, the balloon is inflated to its proper size.
3, put down the inflatable stick, hold the ball mouth in one hand and the ball in the other hand. Pull the tip, about 5-175px long.
4, the left hand thumb and index finger, the right hand pull the ball skin mouth, around two fingers. Once you have rounded the circle, pull the ball tip over and place it in the middle.
5. At this time, the ball skin mouth is released from the right hand, and the index finger and thumb of the left hand hold the ball mouth. The two fingers that hold the ball in the mouth pull back, and the ball will naturally come over to complete the knotting operation. Then put together a variety of colors and shapes of the balloon is the wedding decoration.

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